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Pure IGF Extreme Liquid 11 mg by Pure Solutions

by Pure Solutions · #AN11136 ·
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Product Details

Take your body to new extremes with Pure IGF Extreme Liquid, a natural growth factor dietary supplement that does more than help you take your physical performance to higher levels. Pure IGF Extreme Liquid is a special formula designed especially with extreme athletes like you in mind. It is used by many athletes due particularly to its effective regenerative effects, important in the recovery and repair of body tissues after rigorous training and exercise.

Pure IGF Extreme Liquid is a supplement that works to:
•    Promote optimum health by increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood
•    Boost your immune system, especially in cases when your immune system is compromised as a result of extreme physical exertion
•    Facilitate the rapid repair of tissue damage that often results from exertion

Pure IGF Extreme contains growth factors that promote growth and regeneration, both of which are useful when you want to add on a few extra inches or have an injury that needs repair fast. The natural growth factors present in our product are derived from velvet antler and include IGF (Insulin-like growth factor) and IGF 2,  epidermal growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, nerve growth factor, three types of fibroblast growth factors, interleukins, among others.

Thirty drops of the supplement should be placed under the tongue and allowed to remain there for 90 seconds without swallowing to allow the supplement to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. You can safely increase the dosage for the first few days to speed up the effects and start cutting back on the dosage once the desired effect starts to appear. Improved energy levels and feelings of general well being are typically the effects noticed first.

Don’t settle for anything less from your body. Improve your athletic performance now with Pure IGF Extreme and see the results!

Staff Notes: Pure IGF Extreme Liquid 11 mg by Pure Solutions is a natural growth factor dietary supplemet that will boost performance. Pure IGF Extreme Liquid contains alcohol. For those who cannot consume alcohol adding the drops to a little hot water will facilitate the evaporation of alcohol without affecting the effectiveness of the supplement.

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