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PurFiber Fitness Towel by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN10024 ·
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Have you ever been to the gym only to discover that you had forgotten a towel and had to buy or borrow one of those tiny over-priced over-bleached club versions? Have you ever committed to a thirty minute workout on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical only to find yourself staring at the dried up drops of other people’s sweat on the floor around you? How about praying that no one notices that you are sweating, too, wiping your arm across your forehead in an effort to keep your sweaty hair out of your eyes? Here is a solution for you to consider. The PurFiber Fitness Towel is a must have for anyone who works out at a gym, participates in fitness classes, or who plays sports for fun or for a living.

•  High quality workout towel
•  Antibacterial
•  Lightweight
•  Wash up to 500 times

We all sweat and it isn’t pretty. It’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself and show some respect for others who are in close contact with you when you are physically active.

The PurFiber Fitness Towel is a revolution in fitness accessories. It should be a staple in your gym bag along with your running shoes, socks, brush, and deodorant.

This amazing towel is compact and lightweight. Its super absorbent with the amazing ability to absorb up to 7 times its weight in liquid! Made with 100% micro fiber – a very fine synthetic blend – this towel is the king of all towels. Not only is it soft and breathable, it’s Antibacterial, which means it won’t hold on to and encourage the growth of nasty smelly bacteria that likes to procreate in dirty places. One towel is strong and can be washed up to 500 times, so no excuses!

Put it on your Christmas list. Ask for one for your birthday. Steal one from a store (just kidding!) Whatever you do, be sure to pick up a PurFiber Fitness Towel today. In fact, get one for every day of the week. Your body and everyone around you will thank you for it!

Staff Notes: The PurFiber Fitness Towel is also known as Pure Fiber Fitness Towel and PurFiber Fitness Towel and is similar to the Hydryx Workout Towel, Quick Dry Towel, Aqua Sphere Aqua Dry Towel II, and Sammy Sports Towel.

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ruthie s. from corpus christi, Texas says:
Date: 05/12/2009

great towel. nice size. odor resistant. very absorbant