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Red Volt 27mg Ephedra

by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals · #1000000051 ·
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Product Details

Shed extra pounds and burn excess fat quickly by using a top ephedra based weight loss pill, Red Volt by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals. This powerful dietary supplement contains the active ingredients of Ephedra Extract, Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, Yohimbine, Theobroma Cocoa, White Willow Bark, Evodiamine and Phenylethylamine HCL. This unique blend of effective ingredients creates a strong formula that will trigger fat loss to create a lean, fit body. When combined with a regular workout routine and healthy diet, this diet pill will work wonders more quickly than you can imagine. 

Among the many benefits of this product are:
•    Burns fat
•    Uses thermogenesis
•    Boosts energy
•    Helps promote healthy joints
•    Suppresses appetite
•    Helps build lean muscle mass
•    Contains ephedra extract, caffeine, yohimbe, and white willow bark
•    Added antioxidant ingredients
Not only will this fat burning formula help body fat melt away, but it will increase your energy too. You will be able to complete your exercise program with more vigor and work out longer with extra energy. The ingredients ephedra, citrus aurantium, caffeine, evodiamine and phenylethylamine HCL all help in stimulating your energy, increasing focus and contribute to total weight loss by raising the metabolism. The yohimbine and theobroma cocoa components have strong antioxidant power and contribute to suppressing the appetite as well as improve the ability of arteries to dilate. Red Volt by Nutrapharma Fast Action is truly the ultimate fat burning, weight loss diet pill that will help you lose weight, get fit and increase energy quickly.

Purchase this powerful health pill today to get started on the road to a leaner, trimmer body!

Staff Notes: Red Volt by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals contains Ephedra Extract, Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, Yohimbine, Theobroma Cocoa, White Willow Bark, Evodiamine and Phenylethylamine HCL that combine to increase your metabolism and maximize weight loss.

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beth j. from kissimmee, Florida says:
Date: 09/03/2009

This product did not work that well. It just does not have the umph , that I was looking for. Not worth the money.

Date: 06/15/2009

very good quick shipping,my apetite reduced rapidly

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Paul Q from Copiague, New York says:

Date: 06/15/2009

great product. potent e/c/a stack and like the added kick of yohimbe. regularly use my own e/c/a since ban. finally found a quality prepackaged product. as a fighter made my 8 week cut cycle goal 9 days earlier than expected with good strength and stamina. fight ended in tko 2:52 round 2.

scott g. from redlands, California says:

Date: 05/20/2009

Red Volt is best for athletes who tend to exercise aggressively but then give in to the overwhelming appetite such a hard workout creates. With Red Volt as your pre-workout stack you'll eat a more sensible meal. Simply put, Red Volt supplies the drive to pump yet curbs the urge to overeat afterwards.

Kristy H. from says:

Date: 05/14/2009

The product worked very well, and it made me feel super energized for my fitness training. I also have terrible allergies, and RV actually helped control and prevent a stuffy nose with just one capsule daily. The product was well worth the $ . I recommend this product.

marcia s. from valparaiso, says:

Date: 03/25/2009

Great product....Great energy and weight loss!