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Ripped Mahung by Sports One

by Sports One · #AN10238 ·
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Product Details

All Sports One Products Have Been Discontinued!!!


We only have a little Pure Ma Huang left!  Buy now before it's too late.  



Put your workout routine into overdrive today with Sports One’s Ripped Mahung! This powerful organic formula provides many important nutrients that the body uses to burn fat and lose weight.

The Ripped Mahung formula from Sports One contains:
• Pure ma hung extract
• Chromium
• L-Carnitine

Hailing from its native China, ma hung extract is more commonly known in our culture as ephedra. This herbal substance is famous for its fat burning capabilities. Two of the extracts contained inside pure ephedra, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, have shown powerful weight loss benefits in increasing heart rate, strengthening the body’s natural metabolism and opening the lungs bronchial tubes, making breathing easier. Every capsule of Energy Nutrition’s Ripped Mahung is fortified with a proprietary blend of pure ma hung extract to deliver an outstanding fat loss experience for the user.

Ripped Mahung puts the control back into your hands and allows you to regulate many body processes that can promote weight loss. Chromium is a very important mineral that the body needs daily to control hunger cravings as well as fat and cholesterol levels in the body. Chromium increases the metabolism of fat, allowing your body to use the fat sooner instead of letting it sit in your belly. L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that also promotes fat metabolism by transporting fatty acids into cell mitochondria, allowing the fat to be burned faster. This powerful fat loss supplement from Energy Nutrition cleans up the fat in your body and harnesses it in an entirely natural and effective way!

So many things today are out of our control, but your personal health isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. Take back that control and create a cut new physique that people will envy.

Burn fat and lose weight today with Energy Nutrition’s Ripped Mahung!

Staff Notes: Ripped Mahung by Energy Nutrition is a weight loss supplement containing ephedra, chromium and essential amino acids. This fat burning formula promotes thermogenic metabolism strengthening, improved fat consumption and improved breathing.

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Jaime A. from San Francisco says:
Date: 05/14/2009

Ripped Mahung seems to be working great for me. I use it before my workouts, and it seems to provide a bit more stamina that I normally have.