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Ripped Power by AGL

by AGL · #1000000048 ·
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You’ve been slogging to the gym everyday pumping iron and seeing your muscles and strength grow. Good job. But you’re still not satisfied right? You want to get that ripped look that you see on the cover of magazines. Here’s your chance. Ripped Power ephedra fat burning formula will get you set for that real (or dreamed of) photo shoot.

With American Generic Laboratories Ripped Power fat burner in your system, you will want to have as many mirrors in your house as possible. The Ephedra extract, L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate and other natural extracts working their magic, your body will look like it’s been carved out of stone.

•    Strong fat burning properties
•    Ephedra-based supplement
•    Chromium Picolinate to burn carbs

It’s easy to take advantage of the super ephedra fat burning qualities of Ripped Power. Each day take 2 – 4 capsules with a full 8 ounce glass of water. The high dose of Ephedra and caffeine is so strong, you need to be careful. This product is only for those who can handle its power. If you suffering from any health issues, talk to a health care professional before using Ripped Power.

Extreme bodybuilders and fitness junkies are the real candidates for Ripped Power. If you just want to feel like you’re ripped, but aren’t interested in working for it, don’t mess with Ripped Power. So, if you ARE going to put in the work and you want the body of a god, it’s time to get ripped! Get your bottle of Ripped Power today!

Staff Notes: American Generic Laboratories Ripped Power is an ephedra fat burning supplement that combines some of the strongest fat burning extracts in the world. Ripped Power contains Ephedra extract, Chromium Picolinate and L-Carnitine for overall health promotion.

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Gloria C. from Verona, New Jersey says:
Date: 07/23/2009

As a former user of Twin Labs Ripped Fuel, I was a little skeptical about this "knockoff" product.....but it works! I use it when I feel my energy dragging and only need 1 capsule which lasts a few hours. I'd advise people to start out with just 1 capsule since the product is very potent and can cause a jittery, shaky feeling if too much is taken. I can't comment on the fat loss factor, but I can say that my appetite decreases dramatically when I use this and the numbers on my scale are usually lower the next day. I recommend this Ephedra product with the caveat that the customer initally monitors their reaction to it.

Britt s from toledo says:
Date: 06/15/2009

ripped power does compare to ripped fuel w/ephedra ,it works if you give it time.

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Jason R. from Windsor, New York says:

Date: 06/15/2009

These give me a consistent energy boost without feeling jittery. Not too powerful but feels like they work.

Jason R. from says:

Date: 05/06/2009

These give me consistent energy boosts without feeling too jittery. They aren't too powerful, but it feels like they are actually working.