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Doctor D. Schwab S&T Active by CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10351 ·
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Doctor D. Schwab S&T Active by CA Botana is a highly effective beauty product that firms and cools your skin cells. This cosmetic product is a biological gel that tones the surface of your skin. Any rough, dimpled skin will smooth out into a velvety texture with this toning ointment. When people have uneven or bumpy skin it is often due to TEW, trans-epidermal-waterloss, so S & T Active aids to combat this and make your skin appear and feel silky and healthy. Using all-natural components, this beauty cosmetic gel triggers skin cell’s crucial function, RRE, respiration and renewal elimination. Gentle on sensitive skin yet strong enough to create the desired effect.

Among the numerous benefits of this gel are:
•    Smoothes out rough or bumpy skin
•    Uses natural biological formula
•    Stimulates RRE – respiration and renewal elimination
•    Counter-acts TEW – trans-epidermal-waterloss
•    Keeps skin healthy and renewed

Many other skin care products that fight against dimpled skin use harsh chemicals as the active ingredients. In both short and long-term, un-natural products make for unhealthy and potentially damaged skin. S&T Active is, like all Dr. Schwab products, made in harmony with nature using organic elements to boost your natural skin moisture. This cosmetic firming lotion makes your skin velvety and heals rather than damages your skin cells. Once you use Dr. Schwab S&T Active by CA Botana and see its smooth results, it will become an essential piece of your beauty product supplies.

Buy S & T Active soon to replace rough and bumpy skin with silky smooth skin!

Staff Notes: Dr. Schwab S&T Active by CA Botana is a natural biological gel that will firm and refresh your skin gently. This beauty lotion assists with TEW, trans-epidermal-waterloss and stimulates the cells’ vital function, RRE, respiration and renewal elimination.

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