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Doctor D. Schwab Shimmery Sun Milk by CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10342 ·
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Protect your skin from the sun while moisturizing it with Doctor D. Schwab Shimmery Sun Milk by CA Botana. Made from natural ingredients, including Alphasomes C-8™, this sun lotion has strong UVA and UVB protection. It shields you from harmful rays outside all the while giving your skin a healthy, refreshing sheen. As this sun care product gently and softly melts into your skin, you will love the dewy appearance and feel of the skin. The active ingredients will go to work right away as well, sheltering your sensitive skin. You can then go about your daily routine without worrying about UV rays or about getting dry skin.

Shimmery Sun Milk does the following:
•    Protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays
•    Moisturizes skin with all natural ingredients
•    Adds healthy shimmer to skin
•    Comfortably defends sensitive skin
•    Offers broad-spectrum daily protection

Shimmery Sun Milk is the best sun ointment because it serves the dual purpose of effectively shielding exposed skin all while rehydrating it. It offers a broad-spectrum protection on a daily basis and is great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Sunscreen has never been so naturally protective as well as healthy for your skin cells! To block your skin from the sun, apply this sun milk to any skin that is exposed to the sun, including your face. Your skin will maintain that beautiful healthy glow while avoiding unhealthy sun damage throughout the day.

Take the initiative to protect and revitalize your skin today by purchasing Dr. Schwab’s Shimmery Sun Milk!

Staff Notes: Doctor D. Schwab Shimmery Sun Milk by CA Botana is a top quality sun ointment that effectively filters out and protects skin from UVA and UVB. This broad-spectrum protection sun screen also moisturizes and adds a natural, healthy glow and sheen to your skin.

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