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Sole Pads Detox by Sole Pads

by Sole Pads · #AN14247a ·
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Product Details

Sole Pads Detox manufactured by Sole Pads are detox patches, or detox foot pads, that can be applied to your feet before going to sleep to provide you with an overnight body detox.

Sole Pads Detox:
•    Are all-natural detox foot patches
•    Are created from organic cotton
•    Contain bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, Eleutherococcus Senticosus and other medicinal herbs
•    Are free of allergens and fillers

Suggested Use: For foot detox, open envelope and remove detox foot patches. Remove adhesive and stick pads to the soles of your feet. Remove in the morning. For best results, use nightly until pad color appears lighter in the mornings, then use as part of a maintenance detoxifying routine.

Detoxification foot pads were developed after a quarter century-long Japanese study of the effects of mature trees on physical and mental ailments was completed. It was discovered that bamboo vinegar had the ability to detoxify the mind and body. Thus, the creation of Sole Pads detox patches came into being.

These unique detox foot patches contain Bamboo vinegar, which is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium; Green Tourmaline, which is a unique electricity containing mineral that can penetrate deeply into your body to infuse your tissues with energy; and Eleutherococcus Senticosus, which contains vitamins like vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, niacin, and B vitamins.

For natural relief of whatever ails you and full body detox, try the Sole Pads Detox. They will enhance your physical health and your mental well being. Buy Sole Pads Detox by Sole Pads today!

Staff Notes: Sole Pads Detox manufactured by Sole Pads are detox foot patches, detox foot pads, or detox patches used for foot detox and overall body detox. The detoxifying natural ingredients in these pads deliver a powerful detoxification.

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Alice D. from Cabin John, Maryland says:
Date: 03/08/2010

My partner and I are into our second week of using these Sole Pad detox foot pads. I can see that our skin is clearer and more radiant. My legs feel energized in the morning, instead of creaky, and my energy levels are more steady. There was a detoxifying effect on the digestive system for both of us around the third day, and now the detox process seems to be working its way gently through our systems individually. We adjust the pads on different parts of the feet each night, and some areas of the patch get lighter, then darker. If only because the pads help to alkalinize the body, it is worth it to ward off illness which might affect the body due to ph imbalance. We are going to go for a full 30-day detox and I plan to post an update. This Inner Health brand product is the one I selected after much on-line research. My local non-profit organic grocer also carries it, which is in itself an endorsement! The pads are all organic and contain no allergen-inducing substances, which indicates to me the company cares enough to create a safe and effective product. All the brands contain bamboo vinegar and tourmaline, but this one contains a synergystic combination of herbs also. The Reflexology chart which comes in the package is very helpful too. Best of all, this is the best PRICE FOR FOOT PADS THAT I HAVE SEEN ANYWHERE ON-LINE! The 30-pack is very economical and I have just ordered 4 packs!