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Sphingolin by Ecological Formulas

by Ecological Formulas · #1000000184 ·
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Do you or a loved one struggle with symptoms from a neurological condition such as Muscular Sclerosis (MS) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)? Sphingolin by Ecological Formulas is a great supplement that will support your current treatment.

This non-prescription supplement:
• Provides a rich source of myelin protective proteins
• Comes from New Zealand cattle
• Offers glandular support ideal for people with myelin diseases
• Will not interact with other prescription or non-prescription treatments

Diseases such as MS and ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) result in the degeneration of the neurons and the inability to properly receive messages transmitted to the muscles. Sphinogolin helps your system support the delicate myelin sheaths that protect the nerve cells, or neurons, in the body, as well as help facilitate transmission of nerve impulses. This supplement has been formulated based on an increasingly popular concept of “glandular therapy”, also know as “cell therapy”. By taking cellular components in their supplement form, they will address any imbalance and support the corresponding organ in your own body. This type of healing was discovered in 1931 and is based on the premise that “like heals like”. Sphingolin has also been shown to be beneficial in treating certain autistic patients that need myelin support.

Sphingolin contains myelin sheath extract from bovine spinal cord and comes from New Zealand cattle that are range fed. Ascorbic acid is also added to this supplement to increases its nutritional benefits and effectiveness. Adding this to your current prescription or non-prescription regimen will improve your quality of life without risk of drug interactions or side effects, so buy Sphinogolin now!

Staff notes: Sphingolin by Ecological Formulas is a nutritional supplement that contains myelin proteins. It uses glandular therapy and is recommended for those who need myelin support such as patients with MS, ALS or autism.

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Georgi T. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida says:
Date: 06/06/2012

This product working for doctor tell me I need myelin and that is the reason to byu this product.I will recomended to my frends,if the are need.I wish not need,but never know.