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Doctor D. Schwab SRG Kiss Blackheads Good Bye by CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10273 ·
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Product Details

Get rid of stubborn blackheads with Doctor D. Schwab SRG Kiss Blackheads Good Bye by CA Botana, a natural, oil-free acne gel. This blackhead remover contains highly effective bioactive ingredients that will unclog your pores and remove unwanted blackheads. You will be surprised at how deeply the blackhead remedy will cleanse your pores, improve impurities and normalize sebaceous oil in your skin. Simply applying a thin layer of SRG Gel will do the trick and make unruly blackheads vanish. Even the most obstinate black heads will roll away as you gently massage the acne gel into your pores.

This unique skin care treatment accomplishes the following:
•    Removes undesired blackheads effectively and gently
•    Normalizes sebaceous skin oil
•    Cleanses facial skin deeply
•    Gets rid of blackheads with oil-free gel and bioactive ingredients
•    Decreases facial impurities

There are many acne fighting remedies and lotions out there, yet so many are harsh and are unhealthy for the skin. This black head cleanser uses organic ingredients to naturally fight unwanted acne in a successful yet gentle way. It won’t damage your sensitive facial skin the way many of those rougher products will. You will be pleasantly surprised to watch your blackheads roll away giving your face a clearer and smoother appearance. This blemish gel won’t leave your skin oily or overly flaky and rough. Help make your skin become blemish-free using Doctor D. Schwab SRG Kiss Blackheads Good Bye ®.

Grab this chance to clear up your complexion naturally and quickly by getting this exceptional Black Head Remover today!


Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Nettle Extract, Hops Extract, Hamamelis (Witch-hazel) Extract: helps to unclog pores

Fennel Extract, Malic Acid, Melissa Officinalis, Aspartic Acid: stimulate the bioactive gel to help normalize oil

Oat Protein, Yarrow Extract, Matricaria Extract: help reduce the appearance of irritation

Staff Notes: Dr. Schwab SRG Kiss Blackheads Good Bye ® remover lotion uses all natural bioactive ingredients to unclog pores and get rid of black heads. Skin will be effectively cleansed and cleared in a gentle yet effective manner with this acne remedy ointment.

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Laurie B. from Oceanside, says:
Date: 07/16/2009

This product did not work for me or my son. I do, however, use other products in this line and love them. This one just didn't work for us.