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Stimerex- ES 25 mg Ephedra Extract by Hi-Tech

by Hi-Tech · #1000000086 ·
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Product Details

Stimerex-ES (Extra Strength) Ephedra Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is the ultimate fat burning and weight loss formula and comes in a convenient dietary pill to add to your total fitness routine. Using this powerful dietary supplement will quickly help shed unwanted pounds and allow you to gain the desired lean, toned body. This diet pill, also known as the “Black Diamond” helps you lose fat, boost energy and metabolism. The unique formula helps raise fat burning processes such as thermogenesis, fat cell DNA and mitochondrial signaling and lipolysis. It also helps decrease lipogenesis. You will be amazed at how effective this potent formula sheds the unwanted pounds from you figure. Among the numerous benefits of this health product are:

•    Increases metabolism with ephedra
•    Boosts energy
•    Increases fat mobilization
•    Uses thermogenesis to burn fat
•    Decreases lipogenesis
•    Raises lipolysis

Combined with a healthy diet and regular workout routine, this ultimate weight loss pill will show you unbelievable and speedy results in your fitness goals. With added energy and increased metabolism, you will be able to get more out of each visit to the gym and each workout session. Your confidence will soar as you see quick results, helping motivate you to keep on target with your weight loss ideals. Stimerex-ES (Extra Strength) Ephedra Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is truly the most comprehensive and powerful diet and weight loss pill that will give you the fat burning results you truly want.

Purchase this dietary pill today in order to give that needed boost to your weight loss routine and goals. You won’t be disappointed!

Staff Notes: Stimerex-ES (Extra Strength) Ephedra Extract by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals contains energizing ephedra and uses a unique formula to burn fat, raise metabolism and use thermogenic power to contribute to a comprehensive weight loss program.

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scott g. from redlands, California says:
Date: 05/17/2009

Stimerex-ES offers sustained release so it combats fatigue for the whole day. You'll never waste money on another overpriced energy drink. Take one after lunch and before you know it you'll be done with work and ready to hit the gym with a full tank of gas.