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Super Multi Pak (30 packets) by Optimum Nutrition

by Optimum Nutrition · #AN12004 ·
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Product Details

If you’re engaged in a vigorous workout and looking to give your body the nutritional boost it deserves, a multi-vitamin is what you need. The Super Multi-Pak by Optimum Nutrition has the most powerful dosages of the essential vitamins and minerals you can find out there. Super Multi-Pack comes in convenient, easy-to-use packets so you’re not spending your entire day counting pills worrying about forgetting something.

•    Convenient 30 day packets
•    Essential vitamins and minerals
•    Strong antioxidants
•    Promotes healthy body function

Super Multi-Pak’s formula includes 3 tablets which contain antioxidant properties from Vitamin A, C and E as well as an additional 3 tablets that contain essential minerals like zinc, iron, chromium and calcium. These 6 tablets combine to make Super Multi-Pak and effective and potent source of vitamins and minerals that will keep your body going strong all day!

Super Multi-Pak, due to its convenient 30 day dosage packets is simple and easy to take. All you have to do is take the 6 tablets in each packet once a day and you’re all set! Make sure to drink plenty of water (which you should be doing anyway) and keep up a healthy diet and exercise program. Your body needs these vitamins and minerals and you can get them easily with Super Multi-Pak.

Sometimes you need a little help to keep your body working the way you want it to. Super Multi-Pak is that extra help you need. With the potent source of vitamins and minerals in this supplement your body will be working like a well-oiled machine in no time. So, for whole-body health, get your Super Multi-Pak nutritional supplements today!

Staff Notes: Super Multi-Pack by Optimum Nutrition provides an effective dose of essential vitamins and minerals for overall health. Super Multi-Pak contains vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and chromium.

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