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Testa Edge Cream for Men

by Libido Edge · #1000000175 ·
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Product Details

Important Update:  Testosterone Cream for Men has a new name and a new label. Due to recent FDA regulations non-prescription products can no longer have the word "Testosterone" included in the name or the ingredients. If you have tried this product before, IT'S THE SAME GREAT PRODUCT! No ingredients have been changed! If you are new to this product, please read the reviews to help make your decision. Otherwise, please call or email with any questions.

Testosterone Cream for Men, produced by Libido Edge Labs, is a topical cream with high levels of homeopathic testosterone. Testosterone Cream for Men was developed to help you naturally increase libido and helps you improve sexual function. It also helps maintain lean muscle mass and increases your stamina. 

The benefits of Libido Edge Testosterone Cream for Men cannot be overstated:
•    Increased libido
•    Increased lean muscle
•    Decreased body fat
•    Boost in energy and stamina
•    Better orgasms and climaxes
•    Reduced Cholesterol
•    Relief from joint pain and muscle stiffness

***BioEntopic Testosterone Cream for Men has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer.  We highly recommend Libido Edge Testosterone Cream as a replacement to the BioEntopic testosterone cream.

The hormone testosterone is often associated with the male sex. The reason for that is that this hormone is responsible for maintaining physical male characteristics. It is also essential in maintaining your sex drive and sexual function. The only problem faced by most men, like you, is the fact that testosterone levels begin to drop by the age of 25. The rate of testosterone decrease is around 1.25% per year. This means that by the time you reach 50, your testosterone levels would have dropped 31.25%. By using supplementation such as Testosterone Cream for Men, you gain a lot of the benefits of having the correct levels of naturally occurring testosterone.

This product also helps you gain intensified orgasms and climaxes. This product helps improve your sleep patterns and reduces cholesterol levels. It also increases bone density and improves your mood. Testosterone Cream for Men potentially helps in decreasing your risk for developing heart disease.

If you want to maintain your testosterone levels and reap all its benefits – start using Testosterone Cream for Men immediately. For increased effectiveness, use this product everyday. Apply it to your skin, preferably behind the knees, upper chest and neck and on the upper arms. Use ½ teaspoon of Testosterone Cream for Men when you wake up, before you go to bed and before sexual activity. 

Active ingredients: Homeopathic Testosterone, Homeopathic Human Growth Factor & IGF-1, DHEA, Chrysin,GABA acid (gama aminobutyric acid), Diindolymethane, herbal extracts of HornyGoat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginko Biloba Other ingredients: Purified water, Safflower oil, Aloe Vera, Organic Grain alcohol, Sepigel 305, Evening Primrose oil, Hemp seed oil, Lecithin, Vitamin E oil, Mandarin Red oil, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid
Staff Notes: Testosterone Cream for Men contains high levels of homeopathic testosterone that helps increase stamina and libido. It also contains natural ingredients that help maintain health including Omega Oils and herbal complexes.  Excellent replacement for the discontinued BioEntopic Testosterone Cream.

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Gerard W. from Fletchers Lake, Nova Scotia says:
Date: 08/19/2013

I was very skeptical when I bought this product, nothing from the internet ever works, right? Well I bought the product because I am 50 years old and I have diabetes. I have taken control of my health and started working out, I lost 45 lbs in 4 months but it was very hard, I had absolutely nothing left in me when I finished each day. I bought this product to give me that extra energy to do more and lose more. Well after 2 weeks of use, I am doing at least 50% more each day I workout. I don't think this much improvement is psychological, it has to be the product, because even with the extra 50% workout, I still have energy left when I am finished. There is a side effect for me though, my sex drive got a little higher too. I have gone from a skeptic to a believer after 2 weeks, I will be placing another order at least until I lose that last 30 lbs.

Dennis F. from Peachester, Queensland says:
Date: 05/09/2013

Have used this product now for 6 months and found it to be all it claims. great product.

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John G. from Saranac Lake, New York says:

Date: 12/21/2012

The product worked well. Tried it for sleep regulation, energy increase and muscle building. Exceeded my expectations.

Theodore T. from San Fernando, says:

Date: 09/07/2012

This is a life saver/ changer. My wife loves the energy it gave me.

Rasika G. from Wariyapola, says:

Date: 07/07/2012

Have been using the Testosterone Cream for few months now, my work out intensity at the gym has greatly improved, gained more lean muscle mass and unlike the old days regular workout at the gym is a thing i look forward to now :)

john c. from ogden, Utah says:

Date: 05/03/2012

Well It has helped with my skin of my stretch marks from my belly. It also has given me more energy to work through out the day. The best part is i could go multiple times with my wife like we were newlywed again.

Thomas P. from Akron, Ohio says:

Date: 07/21/2011

I have been using the product for close to a month, and so far it is doing exactly what I expected. My workout intensity has increase, and I seem to be increasing my metabolism. The product is well worth the price, and I would recommend it to anyone. I will be re-ordering.

Richard D. from Orland Park, Illinois says:

Date: 08/06/2010

This product works. I was skeptical at first like I 'm sure most are. However, towards the end of my first tub of this cream (nearly two weeks worth) multiple people, including my ex-wife, repeatedly asked "what are you taking cuz you're getting big?" I wasn't taking anything but this product and twice daily protein shakes and going heavier in the gym. I'm sold on this product and just ordered my 5th jar. Great product for my money.

scott j. from gwinner, North Dakota says:

Date: 11/10/2009

very easy to use no mess or smell. I think it is doing what it says I have been getting better workouts at the gym. It is very well worth 30 dollers

Christopher A. from Los Angeles, says:

Date: 08/29/2009

Worthless as far as I can tell

Robert B. from Ft Lauderdale, Florida says:

Date: 08/20/2009

This product does what it is supposed to do. I had been struggling during my workouts. After using this product, i have been working out much more vigorously and just feeling better throughout the day in general. I think the product is worth the money and I would recommend it.

Matt M from Watervliet, New York says:

Date: 06/15/2009

I found the product easy to use (no mess, smell,etc) and feel the benefits in my day to day activities.

Ralph M. from Alabaster, Alabama says:

Date: 05/18/2009

It works well and I have noticed an increase in my energy level. My main goal was to raise my testosterone level. Yes, worth the money. Ye- I would recommend it to others.

Michael S. from Charleston, South Carolina says:

Date: 05/07/2009

This worked well and I did see some performance improvement. No negative affects as far as I could tell. It lasted long enough to be worth the $30.

Matt M. from says:

Date: 05/06/2009

This product is very convenient to use (no mess, no bad smell, etc.), and I feel the benefits in my day to day activities. It is great.

Anda Drajan from Cluj-Napoca, Romania says:

Date: 04/01/2009

My item arrived really FAST and even though I've only been using it for 2 weeks there's a HUGE difference, especially in my muscle mass. I would recommend it to anyone who wants/needs more Testosterone.