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Thai Crystal Deodorant Stick By Deodorant Stones of America

by Deodorant Stones Of America · #AN10070 ·
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Product Details

Start your day feeling clean and fresh without using harsh or harmful chemicals on your skin. Thai Crystal Deodorant stick is a natural and safe way to ensure you feel (and smell!) clean and fresh, without risking your health by absorbing chemicals into your skin.

This all-natural deodorant provides you with the following benefits:
•    24 hour protection against odor-causing bacteria
•    Will not clog pores or irritate skin
•    Free of oils, perfumes and alcohol
•    Provides an invisible, non-staining layer of protection
•    Economical – one stick will provide you with months of protection
•    Ideal for both men and women

This deodorant is made from mineral salts from the earth, purified into a crystalline form, and shaped into an easy to use stick. We refuse to add any alcohol, dyes or perfumes that could irritate your skin or the environment. Instead of using aluminum chlorohydrate, a harsh chemical commonly found in most deodorants and antiperspirants, Thai Crystal Deodorant Stick uses potassium alum, a natural chemical that does not contain aluminum and is not absorbed into your skin. You get the same results without risking your health.

Simply wet the stick and apply to underarms or any other area of your body you want to feel fresh. The crystals go to work by preventing growth of odor-causing bacteria. It doesn’t mask odors, it stops odors from ever developing. Best of all, you will have the peace of mind that you are using a natural product, free from aluminum chlorohydrate, and still get fantastic results. Start using Thai Crystal Deodorant stick today! You will be glad you did.

Staff notes: Thai Crystal Deodorant Stick (Thai Crystal Deodorant) is a natural deodorant that eliminates odor causing bacteria on the skin. It is free from aluminum chlorohydrate.

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Cindy H from Ann Arbor, MI says:
Date: 03/26/2009

These deodorant rocks are amazing - I can't believe how well this works. It stops all odor and keeps me from sweating. I love it because I don't have to smell like any of those fake deodorant smells and I get to stay dry all day long.