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Tribulus Terrestris by Kaizen 625mg

by Kaizen · #AN10416 ·
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Get long-lasting energy when you use Tribulus Terrestris from Kaizen. This herbal supplement in capsule form can help in giving the boost needed for physical activities.

It contains extracts from the Tribulus plant which is known to:
•    Increase energy levels
•    Encourage healthy function of hormones
•    Improve muscle tone
•    Sustain athletic training

Our Tribulus Terrestris supplement contains alkaloids, saponins and flavanoids. The protodioscins content in it is reputed to help increase libido, which is already in the normal level because it also increases the level of testosterone. In addition to that, infertility and erectile dysfunction are also believed to be helped by Tribulus, since many people of the old world have been known to use this herb for these purposes.

In exercise performance, a bigger supply of energy is required. Tribulus Terrestris has been studied and shown to enhance the production of the luteinizing hormone, which has a positive influence on your stamina and strength. This supplement can help in alleviating signs of weakness in men due to low testosterone levels. Furthermore, it is a good aid for men in enhancing sperm count. Women are also encouraged to take this supplement since it helps in the ovulation process, especially in long periods of sterility. The influence of Tribulus on testosterone boosts the concentrations of female hormones such as estradiol. This improves the female reproductive function.

Try Tribulus to get the surge of energy that you need, whether you are doing physical sports, athletic training, or simply wanting to get the feeling of sustained energy levels. Buy our Tribulus Terrestris from Kaizen and see the difference in your performance today!

Staff Notes: Tribulus Terrestris by Kaizen is an herbal supplement that encourages healthy function of hormones, boosts energy levels and aids in performance.

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