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Valeo Neoprene Shorts by Valeo

by Valeo · #AN10213 ·
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Product Details

You already know working out keeps you in great shape, but what if the training clothes you wear while working out helps you get the body you want even faster?

Try Valeo Neoprene shorts and you will get:
•  Comfortable lightweight shorts made with durable neoprene
•  Naturally reduced excess weight and bloating
•  Improved blood circulation by retaining body heat
•  Machine Washable

Even if you work out regularly, you can still feel bloated and be plagued with excess water weight around your abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. Valeo Neoprene Shorts surrounds these areas in an envelope of natural warmth, so while you sweat during your workout, trapped excess fluid in these trouble spots will naturally be released as perspiration. When you are sweating, you are working hard and burning more calories, which you know is an essential component of weight loss.

Ladies – many of you are troubled by cellulite, the unattractive fat cells that often deposit themselves on your lower body. The extra perspiration releases toxins built up in these fat cells and can help reduce the dimpled appearance caused by cellulite. You will also have extra blood flowing to the warmed area, which gives you greater flexibility and less chance of muscle injury. 

Valeo Neoprene Shorts are constructed to be both comfortable and durable. Order them in your proper size by waist measurement. The high quality construction allows them to stretch comfortably with your movement and have a side zipper for ease of taking them on and off.

Size Chart:
Small - Fits Waist 24" - 29"
Medium - Fits Waist 30" - 35"
Large - Fits Waist 36" - 41"
X-Large - Fits Waist 42" - 46"

You have found the perfect tool to help you quickly lose inches around your lower body, so order Valeo Neoprene shorts today!

Staff notes: Valeo Neoprene Shorts are intended to be worn while working out to increase perspiration in the lower body, resulting in a firmer, leaner look.

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Robert R. from North Canton, Ohio says:
Date: 10/15/2009

The product is good but more info about sizing is needed. The box has sizing on the side of it but your store did not share this before I ordered. This product runs small in size!

Jennifer B. from Huntsville, Alabama says:
Date: 10/10/2009

I ordered thes in size small too. They fit fine. I am a jr's size 3/5 (small) and they were great. I really can see the inches coming off!! Great product!

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Pamela A K. from Littleton, Colorado says:

Date: 04/23/2009

I purchased these in size 'Small' and they were so small that they could only fit a child or pre-teen! I am waiting for my exchange request to be fulfilled (a size large to be safe)!

Mariann H. from Laguna Hills, says:

Date: 03/11/2009

Right after I had my second child, this product was the only thing that helped me lose my stomach & thigh fat fast. You literally lose weight doing chores while wearing this product. Well, I am in my late 30s now & I am going back to the Neoprene Shorts because I know it works when everything else fails you.