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Schiek Weight Lifting Belt by Schiek

by Schiek · #AN10001a ·
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The Schiek Weight Lifting Belt 4 3/4" wide is like no other lifting belt on the market. Whether you want a belt for powerlifting or bodybuilding, once you use a Schiek Weight Lifting Belt you will never go back to a normal lifting belt. Schiek invented the contoured lifting belt, and the innovation changed the way people look at spinal support.

The Schiek Weight Lifting Belt will:
•    Provide unmatched lumbar support for the entire lower back
•    Improve breathing throughout the lift
•    Increase comfort
•    Provide an exact custom fit through its velco fastening

If you look back at a picture of the traditional strongman from almost a century ago, you may well see him wearing a weight belt that looks almost exactly like the ones you see in gyms today. With all the advances made in fitness technology, how is that possible? We have new machines, new scientifically created supplements, new lifts to target every body part, so why do we have a century old belt? Schiek identified this problem and solved it with the Schiek Weight Lifting Belt.

Traditional weight belts don't contour to fit your spine. No matter how tight you pull them, the lumbar vertebrae at the center of the pad don't receive the same support as those at the top and bottom. The lower back is only strong when it is in its natural position. It doesn't take much give to strain a lower back muscle. If your back is curved, why isn't your belt? The Schiek Weight Lifting Belt curves to provide the same support all along the lower back. It is contoured to allow for the flare of both the ribs and hips, providing an even snugger fit without having to pull the belt so tight it interferes with movement and breathing. You'll notice that the Schiek Weight Lifting Belt is fastened with Velcro instead of the traditional buckles. The Schiek Slide N’ Grip Velcro allows you to adjust to a perfect, custom fit, that provides both tension and comfort like you've never experienced. It is simply the most advanced lifting belt on the market.

Getting an extra five or ten or even twenty pounds on your lift can depend on your belt. If the body feels that the lower back isn't strong enough to support a weight, it simply won't allow you to pick it up, or in the case of the squat, descend with it. Your belt could be limiting your gains. Imagine the progress you could see in your glutes, hams and quads if you could instantly increase your lifts by twenty pounds. What may be holding you back is the wiggle room in your old-fashioned weight belt, which the contour of the Schiek Weight Lifting Belt entirely eliminates.

Size description:
•    X-Small for waist 24-28
•    Small for waist 27-32
•    Medium for waist 31-36
•    Large for waist 35-41
•    X-Large for waist 40-45
•    2X-Large for waist 44-50

Schiek knows they've created a fantastic product. They've provided an unheard-of two year warranty. This is a quality belt that is built not only to help you through your next workout, but to help you through years of workouts. A back injury can set back your progress for years or even for life, and can impact your every movement. To protect your back, buy the Schiek Weight Lifting Belt today.

Staff Notes: The Schiek Weight Lifting Belt is sometimes called the Shiek Weight Lifting Belt or Schiek Lifting Belt. A weight lifting belt is also called a squat belt, dead lift belt, and powerlifting belt.

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tyler r. from warwick, Alabama says:
Date: 01/15/2010

loved this product, great ergonomic shape best weight belt ive ever used. i purchased this for power exercises and it works great. definitley worth the money its a little more pricey than most belts but the shape and size is much better for its purpose, ive done my research on them and this is the best shape recomended by proffessionals. i would and have recomended this product to others.