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Wisconsin Ginseng Caps by Wisconsin Ginseng

by Wisc Ginseng · #AN10148a ·
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Everyone has heard of the health benefits and increased energy that can come with a powerful ginseng supplement. Get the world’s best and purest ginseng for your health needs with Wisconsin Ginseng!

A healthy diet supplemented with Wisconsin Ginseng can bring:
• Energy and stamina
• Protection against common ailments
• Emotional well-being

What we know as ginseng refers to plants related to the genus Panax, a group of perennial plants with fleshy roots growing in cooler climates. First discovered over 5,000 years ago and first mentioned by Shennong, a legendary Chinese ruler attributed with discovering the health benefits of tea, ginseng has been proving itself as a powerful health supplement for thousands of years. As an adaptogen, this plant has been found to enhance the body’s natural resistance to stress. As an herbal remedy, it has also shown ability as an antioxidant and anticarcinogen agent that can cleans the body of harmful free radicals and prevent certain types of cancers. Unlock these great health benefits from the herbal remedy of Wisconsin Ginseng.

Wisconsin Ginseng isn’t just the purest in the United States; it’s widely regarded as some of the most potent ginseng in the world. A conducive climate and optimal soil conditions allow this strain of Panax to grow with extremely high levels of ginsenoside, the active ingredient of ginseng root. Ginseng grown from other nations isn’t under the same regulations of the US Environmental Protective Agency, which sets rigorous standards for any pesticides used on ginseng. Currently, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin has been working with the US Department of Agriculture, trying to set up standards proving to the rest of the world that Wisconsin Ginseng is just better.

Ginseng can be a powerful tool in your everyday fight against bad health. Buy American! Buy Wisconsin Ginseng.

Staff Notes: Wisconsin Ginseng is a ginseng supplement grown in America widely regarded as the world’s strongest ginseng. This herbal supplement can improve energy, increase stamina, reduce stress and protect the body from common ailments and cancer.

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