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Yellow Bullets 25mg Ephedra by Delta Health Products

by Delta Health Products · #1000000074 ·
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Product Details

Yellow Bullet Energy Pills with Ephedra by Delta Health Products are top quality dietary supplements that efficiently help burn unwanted body fat. Recently Yellow Swarm, this weight-loss formula uses a unique combination of ingredients, including 300 mg of Caffeine, to increase your metabolism with a thermogenic effect. With the powerful added ephedra, this diet pill truly gets quick and pleasing results. A leaner more energized body can be yours – it’s not out of reach! There’s no need to diet or exercise, though these are good for your complete fitness, as this supplement burns fat on its own. What could be easier? And if you include a well-rounded, healthy workout program and lower calorie diet with taking Yellow Bullets, you will be astounded at how quickly you burn fat!

Benefits of using Yellow Bullets with ephedra include:
•    Gain a lean, slim body
•    Burn fat
•    Increase metabolism
•    Energize the body
•    Enhance endurance and alertness

You will be truly pleased by the successful fat-trimming that results from this weight loss pill. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, but it adds energy and endurance to help your workout routine and daily tasks. Feel lighter and re-energized using this dietary supplement to reach your fitness goals. Thermogenic power will be stimulated once you begin taking it, thus boosting your fat-burning metabolism. Adding Yellow Bullet Energy Pills with Ephedra (recently Yellow Swarm) to your regular weight loss routine and diet will ensure a slimmer, leaner body.

Purchase this outstanding fitness product today to get on the path towards your ultimate body shaping goals!

Staff Notes: Yellow Bullet Energy Pills with Ephedra by NVE includes caffeine and will boost the thermogenic process that helps increase your metabolism for ultimate fat burning. This diet supplement, especially combined with a regular weight loss workout and diet, will allow you to drop unwanted, extra pounds like never before.

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Damon D. from Eugene, Oregon says:
Date: 09/18/2010

I like these better than the Green Stingers. Just seemed to give a better workout. I will buy these again

Scott M from Dayton, OH says:
Date: 06/15/2009

Love this product. This is my third order and I'm still losing weight on a consistent basis.

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Gary H. from Houston, Texas says:

Date: 06/05/2009

I have tried almost every Ephedra product on the maket. The Yellow Bullets are by far the strongest and best product for energy and weight loss.

Jeff M. from San Diego says:

Date: 05/14/2009

I used Yellow Bullet pills before starting my workouts, and they did a great job of getting me going. The effects lasted well past my 2 hour sessions. I would definitely recommend them for energy.

CHARLOTTE Y. from KENAI, Alaska says:

Date: 05/06/2009

This product is fabulous! I purchased this product to help with appetite suppression and also helps tremendously with BOTH of my needs! I am VERY HAPPY with the effects thus far! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to find similar help! ALSO- I want to say how happy I am with the shipping...Americas Nutrition rec'd my order on a Tuesday morning and I had the product in my mailbox on Friday of the same week...and I live in Alaska!!! THANK YOU AMERICAS NUTRITION!!! I WILL RECOMMEND YOU ANYTIME!!!

john h. from laporte, Indiana says:

Date: 03/25/2009

This is the best ephedra product I have ever tried. I felt energized and lost almost 10 pounds the first month.