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Yellow Power -Ephedra Diet Pills-Weight Loss Formula

by Anabolic Entities · #AN14182 ·
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Product Details

Yellow Power formulated by Anabolic Entities is a high energy diet pill containing ephedra ma huang, the safer, yet effective herbal version of ephedra. These herbal weight loss pills are supplemented with 300 mg of caffeine per serving to get your energy levels up and keep you going so you can tackle your hard workouts with ease. Yellow Power diet pills contain mahuang, an herbal relative of ephedra. Ephedra, or muhuang, is an ancient Chinese herb that stimulates your central nervous system to increase your blood pressure and raise your heart rate, jump starting your metabolism and thermogenesis. Caffeine increases the effectiveness of mahuang, and is added to Yellow Power to give your body the boost it needs to retain your energy and lose that weight.

•    Contains ephedra ma huang
•    High energy diet pills
•    Promotes fat burning and weight loss

Recommended Use: As a diet pill, take one capsule in the morning with a glass of water.

If you are looking to boost your energy with a safe ephedra alternative, try the powerful herbal alternative – mahuang. This metabolism booster will jump start your body’s ability to burn fat while providing you with increased energy and alertness. So you can finish those workouts in record time and still be ready for more. You have tried other weight loss products in the past, now try the best. Yellow Power with ephedra ma huang by Anabolic Entities – try it today.

Staff Notes: Yellow Power formulated by Anabolic Entities is an ephedra ma huang, often written mahuang, diet pill with herbal supplements. These weight loss pills, diet pills, and weight loss products are effective and safer than ephedra products.

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