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ZenZu Ball 65cm by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN10015a ·
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The ZenZu Ball 65cm is the premier fitness ball from Zenzation, the premier manufacturer of fitness balls. Also known as a Swiss ball or stability ball, the ZenZu Ball will transform the way you exercise. Every exercise you perform on the ZenZu Ball will strengthen your core, and ensure that your gains in every lift translate into real-world strength.

The  ZenZu Ball will:
•    improve your balance
•    increase your core strength
•    build muscle
•    add challenge to familiar exercises

People often talk about the core and the benefits of core strength, without really discussing what the core is. Some people are confused, thinking "core" is just another word for "abs." Some people think "core" just means abs and the erector spinae, or muscles of the lower back. The truth is, the core is a complex network of muscles, with 3 layers of abdominals and multiple muscles of the lower back that wrap around the entire torso. You cannot target each of these muscles with a specific exercise. For example, crunches target only the outermost abdominals. The core muscles are not meant to be activated separately, but all together, creating a girdle of support that protects the spine and allows the body to keep its balance during dynamic activity. The inner abdominals won't even activate individually. With the ZenZu Ball, exercises that previously targeted only one muscle group will now activate the entire core, helping you build real world strength.

Once again consider the crunch, the classic abdominal exercise. By performing them on the ZenZu Ball, you will increase the level of activation by 200%, meaning you'll see better results in less time. And because you will be constantly making minute, unconscious adjustments to your body position, your entire core will be activated and strengthened. You will increase the strength of your stabilizer muscles, those you rely on during the course of the day as you twist and turn, picking up children, putting something on a high shelf, or carrying groceries. By strengthening these muscles under controlled conditions, you will be prepared for the unexpected situations the world throws at you. When you twist suddenly to catch something you've accidentally dropped, core strength is what prevents you from hurting your lower back.

The best thing about the ZenZu Ball is that its perfect for all ages, and all levels of fitness. By doing crunches with the ball higher up your back, you can make the exercise easier. By lifting a leg as you crunch, you can make the simple move very challenging. As your body adapts to the tests you put it through, you can keep increasing the difficulty, and changing up your routine with hundreds of possible exercises, ensuring your progress never slows. And the Zenzation made the ZenZu Ball with anti-burst technology. Don't trust your health to an inferior fitness ball that can pop while you're on it holding weight, sending you crashing to the ground. Many injuries have occurred this way. Because the ZenZu Ball is scientifically created, if it does puncture, it will slowly and safely release the air.

Whether you enjoy aerobics or weight lifting, the ZenZu Ball is sure to help you take your workout to the next level. Buy it today!

Staff Notes: The ZenZu Ball by Zenzation is a swiss ball, also known as an exercise ball, stability ball or fitness ball.

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