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Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition

by Universal Nutrition · #AN14016a ·
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Are you serious about your body and health? If you are, then you should not look for something less than Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak. More and more people – may they be professional body builders, top-notch power lifters, or first-class athletes – are getting attracted to what this nutrition supplement has to offer.

Animal Pak becomes one of today’s best dietary supplements for the following reasons:
•    Enhances endurance
•    Boosts energy as well as protein metabolism
•    Contains anabolic nutrients
•    No sugar and starch content, artificial colors or flavoring

Animal Pak is a very advanced supplement. It is laden with only the most advanced and highest quality bodybuilding nutrients. Only this product is able to provide you with the precise combination of complex proteins, megavitamins, lyophilized amino acids as well as essential training factors such as inosine, choline, and PAK, Protogen A, carnitine, and PABA – to name a few.

This product is especially made for advanced power builders, weight lifters, and athletes who want to perform their best. Animal Pak is filled with a powerful and precise combination of essential mineral complexes, lipotropics, digestive enzymes, BCAA’s, as well as essential fatty acids and high-potency pre-work energizers. With all these competent components, Animal Pak will surely make you train like an animal for optimum results. In addition to that, this product will also help you endure all necessary and intense training, along with helping you to withstand stress and pressure. It is truly what a dietary supplement for aggressive athletes should be and more.

To top this all off, Animal Pak contains absolutely no sugar, starch content, artificial flavors or colors. This is yet another solid and positive point for this incredibly amazing dietary supplement.

So if you are one of those competitive power builders or anabolic athletes who are looking for one product to bring out only your best performance, Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak may just be the one you are looking for. Take Animal Pak now and optimize your skills, efforts and results.

Staff Notes: Animal Pak is not only a choice for body builders and athletes, but it is good for ordinary, everyday people who wanted lifestyle change and develop themselves by enhancing endurance, energy, metabolism and more.

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Nicholas D. from Saint Petersburg, says:
Date: 02/21/2010

A great multi. Has everything you need. Has a lot of pills but you get used to them very quick.