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Testosterone Cream for Women by Fountain of Youth

by Fountain of Youth · #AN10231 ·
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Product Details

After a tough workout at the gym trying to build that tight body and those lean, sexy muscles your partner craves, you can feel drained and “not in the mood”. Don’t let him (or yourself) down. Fountain of Youth Technologies’ Doctor’s Testosterone Gel for Women is a topical gel perfect for shaping lean muscle, improving sexual performance and losing fat all in one convenient 4 ounce jar.

Testosterone? Yes ladies, women should have some testosterone in their system as it helps maintain bone density, regulate fat, blood sugar and pressure. With Doctor’s Testosterone Gel for Women, you can keep your body healthy and your partner happy! This all-in-one cream rebuilds torn muscles and protects joints as well as provides you hours of increased sexual and workout performance through its time-released “Liposome Delivery System”.

Benefits of Testosterone Cream for Women by Fountain of Youth:
•    No Caffeine, Andro, Ephedrine or Yohimbe
•    No prescription required
•    Natural ingredients and herbal extracts
•    Safe trans-dermal gel also available in convenient squeeze bottle

Simply apply ½ to 1 teaspoon of Doctor’s Testosterone Gel to thin skin areas such as the inner thighs, inner arms or behind the knees once in the morning and once before bedtime. If you want an added boost for your workout (in the gym or in the bedroom!) apply the gel 30 minutes before you begin.

Fountain of Youth Technologies has revolutionized fitness and sexual health performance with Doctor’s Testosterone Gel for Women. The increased performance benefits you get from using the gel are truly a fountain of youth in a jar!

Want it all? Try Doctor’s Testosterone Gel for Women today!

Staff Notes: Fountain of Youth Technologies’ Doctor’s Testosterone Gel for Women is a topical cream used to increase lean muscle, enhance sexual performance and repair joints and torn muscles after workout. No prescription is required when using Doctor’s Testosterone Gel.

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