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Glutamine AKG 1000 by Sci-Fit

by Sci-Fit · #AN12115 ·
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Glutamine AKG 1000 manufactured by Sci Fit are bodybuilding supplements that are pH enhanced to ensure maximum absorption into your bloodstream. Glutamine is an especially helpful supplement for bodybuilding, as it helps your body recover faster from a workout or training session.

•    Helps your body recover faster after workouts
•    Supports a healthy immune system
•    2 glutamine capsules provide the same results as 5 grams glutamine powder

During times of physical stress on your body, your muscles begin losing L-Glutamine, an amino acid found in abundance in your muscle tissue. By supplementing your body with glutamine after a workout, you help your body recover faster and grow stronger. It has also been shown that glutamine effects your immune system in a positive way by strengthening your resistance. With Sci Fit Glutamine AKG, you will get all these glutamine effects in pH balanced, easy to swallow glutamine capsules that are several times more absorbable than glutamine powder.

Recommended Use: As bodybuilding supplements, take 2 glutamine capsules immediately before or immediately after working out or competing.

Sci Fit Glutamine AKG 1000 contains pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine in a pH balanced, time release formula for enhanced absorption and stronger stability. It will not break down in your digestive tract, but will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, allowing you to take less of the supplement than with typical glutamine powder, and yet achieve the same results. Each 2 capsule serving of Glutamine AKG 1000 contains 100 mg of L-Glutamine-alpha-Ketoglutarate. These glutamine capsules are a must for the serious bodybuilding athlete. Keep your body coming back for more with Sci Fit. Buy Glutamine AKG 1000 today.

Staff Notes: Glutamine AKG 1000 manufactured by Sci Fit are bodybuilding supplements in the form of glutamine capsules instead of glutamine powder. Glutamine effects your body’s recovery post workout.

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