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Lipo 6 Hers by Nutrex

by Nutrex · #AN13637 ·
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Want to burn off fat every single moment of the day, even if you are miles away from the gym? You can do so with Lipo 6 Hers, a revolutionary fat-burner manufactured solely by Nutrex with women in mind.

The product is:
•    A fast-acting  formulation in capsule form
•    Is formulated to show you results within 24 hours
•    Specifically formulated to work safely in women

Lipo 6 Hers looks like a capsule inside a larger capsule, with the larger capsule responsible for the rapid release feature of the supplement and the second, smaller capsule responsible for the extended release effects of the supplement for longer periods of focused calorie-burning.

The product contains phenylalanine, the ‘feel-good’chemical commonly found in chocolates, Methyl-Synephrine HCL and Synephrine HCL, substances which were once touted to be the perfect substitutes for ephedra, another substance that has potent weight loss properties. Caffeine, which is popular for its thermogenic properties, and hoodia, one of the most popular appetite suppressant s in the market today, are also ingredients. Folic Acid is also incorporated into this supplement, a nutrient that is especially important in women, especially those who are pregnant. Folic acid plays a crucial role in neural development and in the prevention of many birth defects. It also contains Biotin, another nutrient which plays a role in fatty acid metabolism.

Still wondering whether you should give Nutrex Lipo 6 Hers a try? Why not? Experience constant calorie burning even while working or just hanging out. Get your supply of Lipo 6 Hers now and get that slim and svelte figure you’ve always dreamed about! 

Staff Notes: Nutrex Lipo 6 Hers is a fast acting ephedra free fat burner designed specifically for women.

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Kathy James from Myrtle Beach, SC says:
Date: 08/11/2009

I liked the Lipo 6 hers. It maybe wasn't quite as strong as an ephedra product, but it worked! Lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks!