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Super Ma Huang Ephedra by Sports One

by Sports One · #AN10245 ·
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Product Details

Super Ma Huang has been Americas Nutrition's best seller since 1999.  Why?  Ma Huang is a proven metabolism booster that is acts as an amazing compliment to healthy eating.  You don't even necessarily have to exercise to lose weight, but we recommend it.  Super Ma Huang contains a minimal amount of caffeine, which has great weight loss benefits along with providing energy for your workout.

Sport One's Super Ma Huang Ephedra formula promotes:
• Increased metabolism
• Increased pulse and blood pressure
• Easy disposal of excess fat

One of the world’s most incredible fat burning substances, ma huang, has been used for thousands of years as a wide-spectrum remedy for many common ailments. Indigenous to Chinese culture, ma huang was first used in very ancient times, and scientists believe that the ancient Chinese used ma huang as an all-purpose salve for many common health problems, like the common cold or asthma. The world’s original wonder drug, ma huang ephedra, has most recently shown benefits for those looking to lose weight. Whether you’re a world class bodybuilder or a world class couch potato, Super Ma Huang Ephedra from Sports One can harness the powerful benefits of the ma huang plant for your fat burning needs.

Ephedra extract from the ma huang plant contains essential extracts, like ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, which work with the nerve receptors in the brain to increase the heart rate. This speeds up the blood flow around the body increasing the body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat. Ma huang eliminates excess fat which is one of the most obvious contributors to obesity in the body. Sport One's Super Ma Huang Ephedra formula streamlines the fat burning process and keeps your body from getting soft.

Many critics of ma huang claim that supplements won’t increase performance. Well, ma huang might not, but the cut physique that ma huang produces certainly can! Fight back with nature against obesity with Super Ma Huang Ephedra from Sports One today!

Staff Notes:
Energy Nutrition’s Super Ma Huang Ephedra is a fat burning supplement containing pure ephedrine extract. Ephedra ma huang in weight loss supplements can promote metabolism, increase heart rate and blood pressure, and relieve pain and minor health problems.

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Asher L. from Tallahassee, Florida says:
Date: 07/31/2014

The first bottle I got was smaller with small (~500mg max) red pills filled with white powder. I'm pretty sure it was the wrong thing, because when I ordered three more, I got larger bottles with larger clear pills with what was clearly an herbal powder inside. Anyway, the red pills had zero effect that I could notice. The herbal pills have a dramatic effect; start with one to assess your tolerance! The mix up makes me a little wary, but as long as I keep getting the formula I just received, I will keep using this product. It opens up my airways and loosens my phlegm, making it SO much easier to breathe in the summer humidity. There is literally no other OTC medication that does this, and my asthma is "mild" so doctors are reluctant to give me a script. Thank you Sports One!

Steven W. from Clovis, California says:
Date: 05/09/2013

I bought this product for extra assistance on weight loss and extra energy during my workout. I've noticed this product working the first week of use. I take it more I go to the gym. I drink it down with my protein shake. I have more energy, my fatigue times have been cut in half thus stamina recovery has been increased. I've lost another inch on my waist since it's use. I've also noticed my lung capacity has increased which equals to less fatigue when sprint running and peak 8 cardio routines. Yes, worth the money! I passionately recommend this product for everyone who need an extra kick to weight loss.

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Carrie M. from Goodyear, Arizona says:

Date: 03/21/2013

My husband and I take this product before going to the gym to give us added energy so we can get a hard workout. It also helps ease any pains we may have: muscle aches and arthritis so it has excellent benefits. We have seen NO side effects. Definitely worth the investment.

Heather L. from Vancouver, British Columbia says:

Date: 08/10/2012

I used to use Ma Huang for treatment of my asthma until it was no longer available in Canada. I prefer to use natural medicine and was very disappointed when I could no longer purchase Ma Huang. When I found it on America's Nutrition at a reasonable price I was so happy and am now controlling my asthma a lot better - I was using ventolin at least twice a day and since I started using my Super Ma Huang Ephedra I haven't had to use it once. I would recommend this product to any responsible person looking for a natural way to treat their asthma.

Virginia M. from Lincolnton, North Carolina says:

Date: 02/01/2012

Hello , my name is Virginia Malone and I am from Lincolnton NC. I am an office manager so at my desk a lot and I don't get the exercise I got when I was a salesperson of many years where I was on my feet ALOT ! I am 53 years old and 7 years ago I had a hysterectomy and we all know what happens then...weight gain. I cannot have extreme amounts of cafffiene , first off it makes me have bad jitters and I don"t like it, second, too much caffiene cause my body to react with uit's ( and they hurt ) . So I went on a mission to find a weight loss supplement that wouldn"t make me jitterey and flare up a uti, I found America'S nutrition website and started reading the back of the different supplement labels... and there it was like a dream " pure mahuang " ! I didn"t jump , I researched "mahuang " and learned that Asians have used mahuang for over 3000 years in treatment of many things....besides weight loss the other thing that caught my eye was it had been used in the treatment of Asthma , and I have asthma, and I live in North carolina and my allergies are horrible. I started taking pure mahaung a couple of years ago lost 32 lbs use it to this day to maintain my weight and I never have to ask my doctor for asthma medications or a rescue inhaler , use my nebulizer any more and my energy level is amazing ! I really LOVE my PURE MAHAUNG and NEVER want to be without it ! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH AMERICA'DS NUTRITION !

Carrie M. from Goodyear, Arizona says:

Date: 04/19/2011

Felt fine and was not hungry. I want to lose weight. Not yet. I hope so. Yes.

Carrie M. from Goodyear, Arizona says:

Date: 04/19/2011

Keeps hunger away. Felt fine. Weight loss. Not yet. Yes. It is also helping my lower back pain. Yes.

Maria H. from Plymouth, Minnesota says:

Date: 10/08/2010

This product is GREAT! Gives me the energy I need to work out, without getting jittery!My goal was to start working out again,and Sports One Pure Ma Huang definitly helped me!! Well worth the money. I highly recommend this product to others who just need a little extra energy!!!!!

Lucy W from Portland says:

Date: 06/15/2009

work great at surpressing my appitite

CHARLOTTE F. from Saint Petersburg says:

Date: 06/15/2009

1.very potent product & weight loss(still achieving goal) 3.yes

Christopher L. from Las Vegas says:

Date: 05/14/2009

The product worked great. It gave me plenty of energy and took away my hunger.

Mark W from San Diego, CA says:

Date: 04/27/2009

This stuff works well. It feels like the real deal to me - like xenadrine used to feel.

Tomas H. from Gilbert, Arizona says:

Date: 04/24/2009

When I took this stuff, it made me feel very shaky and sick. I don't know if it was the ephedrine, or the other compounds in the extract, but it typically doesn't make me feel good at all. Haven't noticed any performance increase or significant weight loss. In terms of shipping, etc. the product came on time.