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Metabo Ma-Hung by Sports One

by Sports One · #AN10240 ·
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Product Details

Metabo Ma-Hung by Sports One harnesses the power of ephedra and the potency of caffeine to bring you a powerhouse of a weight loss supplement. As two of the most popular, most effective weight loss ingredients on earth, ephedra and caffeine deliver dramatic results quickly and easily.

With this revolutionary supplement:
•    You’ll have more energy
•    You’ll burn more fat
•    Your appetite will be suppressed
•    You’ll boost your metabolism

Ephedra works because of its thermogenic, or calorie burning, properties. You’ll burn layers of stubborn fat, while maintaining hard-earned muscle. Your metabolism will hum along at its optimal level, so you’ll torch calories, even at rest. You will also eat less, since your appetite will be suppressed. The added caffeine gives you a burst of energy and makes you more alert. Your body will be a fat-burning factory!

In addition to these two dynamic components, Metabo Ma-Hung features a proprietary blend of natural herbs and important elements like chromium and bee pollen. These ingredients help stimulate your metabolism and help your body assimilate proteins and fats more readily, thus helping build and maintain lean muscle mass. Whether you work out or not, you’ll see dramatic results easily, quickly and safely.

Energize your weight loss program with Metabo Ma-Hung by Energy Nutrition. It includes the same active ingredients as the best-selling weight loss supplements on the market today but with added benefits. Buy a bottle today and see results faster than you ever thought possible!

Staff Notes: Metabo Ma-Hung is a thermogenic weight loss supplement featuring ephedra, caffeine, chromium and bee pollen to stimulate your metabolism, suppress your appetite, give you an energy boost and burn more fat. Natural herbs help your body assimilate proteins and fats more readily, thus building and maintaining lean muscle mass and burning maximum calories.

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Michael C. from Hawthorne, California says:
Date: 07/18/2013

I was nervous because I am near 60 years old but in good shape. I ride bike, do 200 crunches holding a 30 lb medicine ball, Indian Clubs. I was delighted to find a company that sells these herbs in combination form of balanced complimentary formulations. Of course I am sending my credit card info over the internet and ingesting God knows what. But it is great. I think the sweating and burning off of fat along with a sensible diet and exercise people tell me I look like I have lost weight. More importantly I have energy back. Look up Shane Ellison and see what he has to say about these herbs as well as pharmaceuticals. That is what started me on my quest to find a company that sells these specialty items.I am quite pleased with the results and though I just had foot surgery July 10, 2013 I take one in the morning. I had total left knee replacement surgery January 8, 2013 and stopped all statins, fibrates, prostate and BP meds and ride a bike and take these herbs. I will be 60 in October and I have no heart palpitations because the BP meds is not trying to slow down my heart to deliver the blood I need when riding a bike. I would never recommend this to anyone, this is just me. I would say get informed and if you are reading this page you probably are, but even if you are in your 20s and think you are an indestructible jock take one and see how your body reacts but better to take one when you are going to exert yourself. You may think at nearly age 60 I am too old to mess with herbs. But I have been conditioning my body for years. So I am strong. Yes gravity and loss of hormones do occur. But pharmaceuticals like statins, fibrates, can wreck the liver and pancreas over a long period of time and cause other problems. Cholesterol is good for you and is not what causes arterial plaque. We and our doctors have been bamboozled by Big Pharma. But in Shane Ellison's books he carefully foot notes 30 year study to show that these statins and fibrates make a 1 to 2% difference if any at all, and in 10 years of taking them, did nothing for me until I started riding a bike again. It was the cardio vascular. And these ancient herbs.