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Powerdrine by Sports One

by Sports One · #AN10241 ·
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Product Details

Take your weight loss program to the next level with Powerdrine by Sports One. It’s formulated with ephedra, one of the world’s best-known weight-loss herbs, for fast and easy results. Compare powerdrine to the original Xenadrine RFA-1. 

The many benefits of ephedra include:
•    Suppressed appetite
•    Increased energy
•    Raised metabolism

Ephedra has been used for thousands of years as an effective weight-loss solution. Also known as ma huang, it stimulates the brain, increases the heart rate and expands bronchial tubes, making breathing easier. The heat-generating properties in ephedra diet pills result in an increase in metabolism and an increase in alertness. It’s an all-around weight loss powerhouse.

Powerdrine delivers dramatic results three ways: by burning calories, suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy.

Its active ingredient, ephedra, works with your body’s system to burn fat faster through thermogenesis. This process helps you burn calories all day, even at rest. It will also curb your appetite, so you’ll eat less. And if that’s not enough, you’ll have more energy, thanks to the gentle boost you’ll get from this safe and effective herb. Powerdrine also features guarana, a herb rich in caffeine to increase alertness and physical performance; and white willow bark to naturally treat inflammation. So your workouts will not only be more powerful and produce better results, but thanks to white willow bark, you’ll recover more quickly.

You’ll see noticeable, rapid results when you add Powerdrine to your daily regimen. It will help you reach your fitness goals faster. Buy a bottle today and be well on your way to more energy, a reduced appetite and a thinner you!

Staff Notes: Powerdrine is an effective weight loss supplement that is formulated with ephedra, guarana and white willow bark for fast results. When taken as directed, you’ll enjoy suppressed appetite, increased energy and a boost in metabolism.

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Christopher M. from Grand Rapids, Michigan says:
Date: 08/13/2009

The product did exactly what it is designed to do. It helped increase my metabolism and decrease hunger while dieting. It helped me lose the last five pounds.