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Red X Ephedra by Sports One

by Sports One · #AN10243 ·
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Product Details

Are dieting, exercising and normal strength weight loss supplements just not doing the job for you? Then get Red X Ephedra from Energy Nutrition and lose that fat for good!

Energy Nutrition’s Red X Ephedra is a powerful fat burning supplement that contains large amounts of:
• Ephedra
• Guarana
• Bitter orange extract
• White willow bark

Starting with Chinese culture, ephedra has been used as an herbal remedy for common ailments for thousands of years, and has shown use in the fight against many common ailments, like asthma or the common cold. More recently, however, the health community has noted its stimulant ability to constrict the blood vessels, thereby increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. Ephedra also works as a thermogenic agent with the ability to increase the body’s metabolism. This increased metabolism, hand in hand with a faster heart rate, makes for a powerful weight loss experience. You can get that experience with Red X Ephedra from Energy Nutrition!

Guarana is another all-natural herbal remedy that has shown powerful weight loss benefits. A 2001 study from Denmark showed participants taking an organic supplement including guarana lost an average of 11.2 pounds in 45 days. Guarana is a stimulant that contains large amounts of caffeine, which has been known to increase heart rate and mood.

Red X Ephedra is also fortified with both bitter orange and white willow bark extracts, herbal substances that give this weight loss supplement from Energy Nutrition extra benefits. Bitter orange extract contains synephrine, a natural stimulant that causes appetite suppression. And white willow bark acts as a wide-spectrum pain and fever reducer.

Don’t blow your money on expensive fat loss supplements that don’t provide a full range of health benefits for your body. Buy Red X Ephedra by Energy Nutrition today!

Staff Notes: Red X Ephedra by Energy Nutrition is a weight loss supplement containing ephedrine, guarana, citrus aurantium (bitter orange extract) and white willow bark extract. This fat burning supplement suppresses appetite, increases heart rate and blood pressure, relives pain and fever, and strengthens metabolism.

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