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Ripped Fuel by TWIN

by Twinlab · #AN10936 ·
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It’s time to start using a dietary supplement that will actually show you results quickly. Ripped Fuel by Twinlab does just that. Its proprietary blend of caffeine, green tea and cayenne fruit extract torches fat and calories.

•    Boosts metabolism
•    Maintains lean muscle
•    Helps reduce body fat
•    Increases energy
•    Enhances absorption of nutrients

In order to be effective, weight loss supplements not only have to help you lose weight, but they have to help you maintain muscle as well. If you lose weight due to muscle loss, this will ultimately lead to weight gain later. We know muscle weighs more than fat. We also know that muscle burns exponentially more calories than fat. So if you’re packing more muscle, you’ll burn more fat.

Ripped Fuel is extremely effective because it boosts your metabolism, which helps you reduce body fat. It contains caffeine, which will help increase your energy level. It also contains green tea to rev up your metabolism naturally. Ripped Fuel does all this while maintaining your lean muscle mass, which is critical to successful weight loss. If you lose muscle, it’s that much harder to lose fat. Keep the muscle, lose the fat.

Ripped Fuel by Twinlab is different because it takes a three-pronged approach to weight loss: helps increase your metabolism and energy, helps maintain your lean muscle and helps enhance nutrient absorption. This break-thru supplement keeps your body balanced while you watch the weight melt off. Buy Ripped Fuel today and take charge of your weight!

Staff Notes: Ripped Fuel by Twinlab is a weight loss supplement that contains caffeine, green tea and cayenne fruit extract to help you boost metabolism, maintain lean muscle, reduce body fat, increase energy and enhance absorption of nutrients.

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