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Doctor D. Schwab S&T Velvet by CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10347 ·
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Enjoy the silky and nourished skin that the exceptional skin care lotion, Doctor D. Schwab S&T Velvet by CA Botana, can provide. This top body lotion uses natural Liposomes to create microcirculation that refreshes and moistens your skin. This organic skin product leaves your skin hydrated and healthy without any oily residue. After applying S&T Velvet, your hands, elbows, face, feet (anywhere you normally put lotion), will all become rejuvenated, cell membranes fully restored. The absorption occurs quickly, also due to the helpful Liposomes, and leaves your skin fresh and cool.

The wonderful aspects of this skin lotion include:
•    Tightening sensation from natural ingredients
•    Microcirculation using Liposomes
•    Restoring cell membranes
•    Absorbing rapidly into skin
•    Sustaining skin’s moisture
•    Hydrating skin without leaving oiliness

Once you smooth on this refreshing moisturizer you will feel the pleasant sensation of skin tightening that remains feeling comfortably firm after application as well. Your skin will be protected, revitalized and invigorated as the lotion quickly soaks into your skin cells. No greasy layer will be left on your skin after massaging this ointment into your skin. You will feel revived and ready to smoothly apply makeup on your facial skin after use. This lotion is not a heavy, burdening lotion, but light and lively on your skin surface. Doctor Schwab S & T Velvet by CA Botana will leave your skin singing with healthy moisture and protection.

Reap the outstanding benefits of S&T Velvet lotion and buy this skin care product now!

Staff Notes: Dr. Schwab S&T Velvet by CA Botana is made of Liposomes for ultimate microcirculation, moisture, cell membrane restoration, rapid absorption into skin and a protective, non-greasy residue. This skin care lotion is a top quality cosmetic product that will tighten, refresh and hydrate your skin cells with all natural ingredients.

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