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Stamina-RX for Women by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

by Hi-Tech · #AN10310 ·
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Product Details

Still craving for that sexual satisfaction? Crave no more with the use of our Stamina-Rx for Women. This is a special sexual enhancer introduced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that answers the sexual needs of women all over the world.

Our Stamina-Rx Women contains a powerful blend of herbs and nutriceuticals to deliver the following satisfying benefits:
•    Improved sense of euphoria during orgasm
•    Stimulates lubrication for women suffering from vaginal dryness
•    Increases overall desire to have sex
•    Dramatically improves and heightens sensitivity
•    Intensifies female orgasm

Stamina-Rx for Women works by releasing powerful neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine which then energizes the hypothalamus or the body’s “sex center”. This mechanism provides immediate results as fast as within an hour of administration. Stamina-Rx for Women also works to initiate and improve the physical strength of the female orgasm by stimulating the release of oxytocin.

Our Stamina-Rx for Women contains the following ingredients: Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa which increases blood flow to the clitoris, Cnidium Monnier, which allows for prolonged smooth muscle relaxation allowing the clitoris to remain filled with blood, Yohimbe 8% Extract, which increases blood flow to the female genitalia, Icariin 50TM, which increases libido and sexual desire, L-Arginine, for additional smooth muscle relaxation, Herba Cistanches Extract for increased libido and sexual energy, Ageratum Root Extract that affects sexual desire and libido, and Mucuna Prurien and Ginko Biloba Extract, which are responsible for increasing intensity and duration of orgasms that precipitate to multiple orgasms.

Our Stamina-Rx for Women effectively intensifies women’s sexual encounter through both mental and physical excitement. It is popularly known, that without either of these two factors, no woman can experience a satisfying sexual experience or orgasm.

Try our Stamina-Rx Women today and be filled with the sexual desire you’ve been longing for!

Staff Notes: Stamina-Rx Women is to be taken prior to sexual activity. It is important not to exceed two tablets daily.

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