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Starter 3 Extreme Fat Burner with Ephedra

by Winstar Health Labs · #AN11129 ·
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Product Details

The battle versus fat over control of your body can be long, grueling and frustrating. Attack the enemy from different fronts with the new weight loss, fat burning formula of Starter 3 with Ephedra.

Patterned after the wildly successful Starter 2 formula, Starter 3:
•    Stimulates metabolism
•    Suppresses appetite
•    Increases energy
•    Burns fat

The same things that made the fat burning abilities of Starter 2 so effective are back in the Starter 3 with ephedra formula. The main agent of this fat burning dietary supplement is ephedra, a traditional herbal remedy that has seen medicinal applications for the last five thousand years. Although it has shown properties aiding against ailments like the common cold and asthma, ephedra has more recently shown stimulant abilities in raising both the heart rate and blood pressure. This combination allows you to expend more energy during a workout, or even just your daily work schedule.

This efficient weight loss supplement also contains kola nut extract, a stimulant increasing the body’s energy. White willow bark extract has been known for its pain relieving and fever reducing capabilities. And grapefruit extract, besides being rich in vitamin C, contains an abundance of fat burning enzymes. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and Starter 3 doesn’t tamper with a winning formula.

But what sets this weight loss supplement apart from its predecessors is the addition of hoodia, a powerful appetite suppressing extract native to the South African region. Derived from the hoodia gordonii cactus, this herbal remedy has proven its worth in the ability to get the user to eat less. Don’t just burn the fat you take in, prevent it from entering your body in the first place!

Try a new take on an old favorite, the results will astound you. Buy Starter 3 for better weight loss today!

Staff Notes: Starter 3 is a fat burning compound fortified with hoodia to suppress appetite. Built from the successful Starter 2 formula, which burns fat, energizes the body, relieves pain and improves metabolism.

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