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Thin To Thick Hair Spray by Jason

by Jason · #AN11700 ·
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Product Details

Thin to Thick Hair Spray from Jason Naturals turns thin and limp hair into thick, luxurious tresses in just a few sprays. Not all women can have as much hair as the actresses on TV. Women like you can have baby fine hair – that’s normal. You don’t have to spend time wishing that you had thicker hair. What you can do instead is use Thin to Thick Hairspray and let your hair morph from thin to thick.

As an added bonus, this product doesn’t only add volume to your hair, it:
•    Leaves your hair soft and supple to the touch
•    Is easy to comb out at night and causes zero damage to your hair
•    Protects the hair from pollution and UV rays
•    Works with even the finest of all hair textures

The problem with the hairsprays found on the market today is that most of them only focus on hold. That’s great if you are starring in a 60’s reenactment play. Otherwise, you’ll just get helmet hair. Plus, most products leave the hair so stiff that it doesn’t move at all. You will never experience that when you use Thin to Thick Hairspray. Unlike other products, this one leaves the hair feeling soft, supple and manageable.

If you have thin hair, you known that the only way to get even an ounce of volume is to tease and curl your hair to death. This not only leads to breakage, but it can also make your hair dry and brittle. If you use Thin to Thick, you’ll be saying goodbye to teasing – permanently! Instead of working by holding on to your tease and curls, it focuses on your individual follicles instead. The product adheres to the hair and coats it with a smooth moisturizing film. You get thicker hair strands and as a result, undisputedly thicker hair - all without teasing! Plus, it is easy to wash out at night and won’t leave any irritating residue.

Try Thin to Thick Hairspray now and get the thick tresses you’ve always wanted!

Staff Notes: Thin to Thick Hairspray from Jason Naturals is created by using a unique blend of proteins and moisturizers that give the hair body and volume.

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